Q: The product I have received has a colour which looks different from one shown in the product image on the website.

A: Please note that the colour of the product when viewed with naked eye may differ slightly from what is seen on a computer monitor, phone or TV screen. We firmly believes that all the customers who order online are aware that colors seen on a monitor will be slightly different as compared to the actual outfits or accessories ordered.

It is impossible for us to replicate the same colors on an outfit as seen on your monitor. A variation in the shade selected by you is considered as a normal practice as these garments have a tendency to reflect different shades of a color under different light and weather, type of camera used for photography or type and settings on the computer monitor.

We wish to clarify to every customer who orders any outfit from any online store. While ordering on internet, we suggest that customers should be careful about the following:

– Red, maroon and orange colors have a higher tendency to reflect a different shade than other colors. For example, if you try to photograph from a digital camera or scan a red garment, in most of the cases it will show either as maroon or orange on the computer monitor and vice-versa. Though imaging technology has advanced, still no fool proof solution to this problem is available at the moment.
– Many a times green and blue shades also overlap. same is the case with off-white, white and cream colors.
– Sea Green color sometimes looks aqua blue and vice-versa.
– Some fabrics like raw silk, khadi silk, cotton silk, south cotton, brocade have a textured effect where we can see the weaving & threads are visible in different directions which is a inherent characteristic or feature of that fabric and proof of its authenticity. These are not defects. This raw finish is the beauty of these fabrics.
– Handcrafted, hand dyed, hand printed, hand painted, hand embroidered, hand-loom, hand weaved products will always have minor differences when we compare them as they are not made by machines. Each piece will be unique. Handicraft artisans always try their best to make each piece better than the previous one. So, the product will always have minor variation keeping the same theme constant in artistic manner. The raw finish of the handicrafts cannot be compared with machine finished products as this raw finish is the beauty of the handicrafts items.

Q: Why does it take you 5 days to ship out the products from your end? Others ship out items on the same day.
A: Once we receive any order, we put the item ordered through quality check and do finishing for the item which includes tightening all the beads, stones and hangings on the saree, ghagra or the suit.

Q: The stones and beads on the product are coming off after use.
A: This is natural and inevitable for any embellished product such as saree, ghagra or suit irrespective of where you buy it from. In case any stones or beads fall off you might want to pick it and store it some where safe until you have an opportunity to send your embellished items for repair to a tailor, zari-worker or if you decide to repair the same yourself. If you are willing to bear the to-and-fro courier charges for sending the product to us and receiving back from us, we will repair the same for you free of cost.

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